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What authors have had to say about working with me.

The detail you’ve provided is a treasure, and frankly I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

Mary Nowell

It was a very impressive job, and I knew you were right in so many things. My gut told me straightaway. So now it’s big rewrite time, and I’m immediately bubbling over with ideas.

Christopher Kershaw

Wonderful for me that you took the time to read my novel so closely and “get it,” as well as to explain your opinions and ideas about it. That is a fulfillment of the writing process for me.

Tucker Lieberman

The care that you take with reading and the respect you have for the story shows in the advice that you offer. I am immensely grateful for your intelligent, cautious, detail-oriented, and nuanced perspective on my writing.

Bethany Wenner

Your comments are both precise and actionable. Whereas before, I was facing a nebulous mass of words, now I have a concrete to-do list. I’m actually quite excited!

Jenny Torniainen

Your collaboration brings out the best in a writer.

George Collazo

You’ve offered an unbelievable volume of highly skilled, insightful and thoughtful advice. Your ideas were incredibly valuable and always sensitively and respectfully made. Really remarkable stuff that is way beyond what I could have expected. 

Russell Saunders
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